Unique Stone House for Sale in Bodrum Center | Dazzling Bodrum House for Sale with Authentic and Bohemian Design, in the Heart of City Life

₺ 12.000.000

Bodrum Merkez

3 Rooms
1 Living Room
1 Bathrooms


Authentic and historical stone house for sale in central Bodrum. Reflecting traditional architecture, this unique property meets all modern living needs.

Listing Number1070
TypeVilla For Sale
Number of Rooms3
Number of Living Rooms1
Number of Bathrooms1
Number of floors1
RegionBodrum Merkez

Central Location
Private Garden
Close to Public Transportation

Bodrum Stone House for Sale, An Authentic and Historical Living Space

Space in the Heart of Bodrum

Located in one of the most authentic and historical parts of Bodrum's center, this old stone house, adorned with a bohemian spirit and original architectural style, stands out. Built on a spacious and independent plot of 176m2, this masterpiece reflects the unique history and culture of Bodrum.

A Fusion of Historical Charm and Modern Living

Preserving the traditional stone house architecture of Bodrum, this house is designed to meet all the needs of modern living. Its interior is enriched in both functionality and aesthetics, with each corner showcasing details that reflect the unique atmosphere of Bodrum.

Prime Location, Just Steps Away from Everything

Only a few steps away from "Bodrum's Colorful Market" and "Popular Shopping Areas," this stone house also offers easy access to the tastiest spots in the region.

Spacious and Open Terrace, Enjoy the Bodrum Sunsets

The wide and airy terrace of this house provides an ideal environment to watch Bodrum's unique sunsets and to enjoy peaceful moments. It's also a perfect space to spend quality time with loved ones.

Modern and Authentic Interior

Carefully considered in every detail, the interior of this house presents a perfect combination of traditional stone aesthetics and modern design.

The Doors to a Bodrum Life Await in This House

Don't miss this unique opportunity to step into your dream life in Bodrum! In your search for a "Bodrum Stone House for Sale," this property, with its historical charm and modern features, could be your ideal choice.

About the Stone House

Located in the heart of Bodrum, just across the street from the bus station and behind the Limonlu Bahçe Car Park, this house truly embodies the spirit of Bodrum. Nestled among narrow, traffic-free streets typical of Bodrum, this centrally located home allows you to walk to restaurants, Bodrum Castle, and the marina with ease. The convenience of living without needing a car is a significant advantage.

This stone house for sale comprises two separate sections combined. The historic stone house, approximately 30 m², and other living spaces built with modern techniques offer a unique living experience. The historic section includes bedrooms, a bathroom, a WC, and a hall. The roof of this section is covered with a traditional brush system and tiles, while the roofs of the other living areas are flat, allowing them to be used as terraces.

Situated on a private parcel, the house features various garden areas and a large garden with a dining table. The exterior landscaping and interior decoration reflect the characteristic features of Bodrum, fully embodying the Bodrum lifestyle and aesthetic.

In Bodrum's unique atmosphere, this stone house offers a perfect blend of history and modernity, providing a unique opportunity with its living spaces and location. Discover this special house where you can enjoy the magic of Bodrum every moment, with all social amenities within walking distance, opening the doors to a comfortable and practical life.


Bodrum Central Carsi Mahallesi, A Meeting Point of History and Vibrancy

Historical and Cultural Heritage

The heart of Bodrum, Carsi Mahallesi, enchants its visitors with its historical and cultural texture. Stretching from Bodrum Bus Terminal to Bar Street, this area is one of the city's oldest settlements. Historical sites like Bodrum Castle and the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum highlight its rich cultural heritage.

Shopping and Entertainment Center

Carsi Mahallesi offers a wide array of activities, from shopping to dining, entertainment to nightlife. Colorful markets, souvenir shops, stylish restaurants, lively bars, and discos in Bodrum provide unforgettable moments for its visitors.

The Vibrant Face of Bodrum

Carsi Mahallesi represents the dynamic and spirited soul of Bodrum. Here, a different story awaits at every corner, and a new adventure on every street. All the colors, scents, and sounds of Bodrum come to life in this neighborhood.

Day and Night in Carsi Mahallesi

While Carsi Mahallesi is filled with shopping and cultural explorations during the day, it transforms into the center of entertainment and nightlife in the evening. You can find activities and venues to suit every taste here.

Life in Carsi Mahallesi

Bodrum Carsi Mahallesi offers a rich life to its residents and visitors. Facilities like marinas, fishing harbors, cafes, hotels, banks, and health centers make it one of the most attractive areas in Bodrum.

Bodrum Center Guide, A Jewel in the Heart of the Aegean

Bodrum Center, Where History Meets Modernity

Bodrum Center is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Aegean. Adorned with historical castles and ancient theaters, this area blends the dynamism of modern life with the elegance of history. Famous for its narrow streets, vibrant nightlife, and luxurious yacht marina, Bodrum Center welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

Transportation and Access, How to Reach Bodrum Center?

Access to Bodrum Center is quite straightforward. Regular shuttle services and taxi options are available from Milas-Bodrum Airport. Additionally, ferries and yachts arriving at various marinas and harbors enable sea access. Inner-city transportation is facilitated by minibuses and local bus routes.

Real Estate and Housing Options in Bodrum Center

Bodrum Center has a variety of real estate options. Housing ranges from luxurious villas by the sea to traditional stone houses. Attractive to both local and foreign investors, this area is noted for its high rental yields and increasing property values.

Quality of Life and Community, Life in Bodrum Center

Bodrum Center offers a high quality of life. It is full of cultural activities such as art galleries, museums, and live music venues. Additionally, various festivals and events bring the local community together and preserve the area's cultural richness.

The Future of Bodrum Center, Development and Investment Opportunities

Bodrum Center is an ever-evolving area, offering significant investment opportunities. New housing projects, tourism, and infrastructure developments are increasing the future value of the region. Ecological sustainability and the preservation of cultural heritage play an important role in this development.

Why Bodrum Center?

Bodrum Center stands out as a jewel in the heart of the Aegean, with its historical texture, modern lifestyle, easy accessibility, and various housing options.

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