Pansiyon For Sale in Bodrum Center, Located on Atatürk Avenue, 150m to the Sea, 12 Rooms

₺ 16.950.000

Bodrum Merkez

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This special pansiyon for sale in the heart of Bodrum is located on Atatürk Avenue, just 150 meters from the sea. With 12 rooms, a spacious garden, and a central location that stands out, this property is within walking distance to shopping and dining spots. Preferred by families and regular guests, this pansiyon offers an ideal investment opportunity in Bodrum.

Listing Number1086
Number of Rooms0
Number of Living Rooms0
Number of Bathrooms0
Number of floors2
RegionBodrum Merkez

Close to Sea
Air Conditioner
Close to Centre

Pansiyon for Sale in Bodrum Center, A Haven in the Heart of City Life

Unique Location, The Vibrant Soul of Atatürk Avenue

This special pansiyon, situated on one of Bodrum's most well-known streets, Atatürk Avenue, is just 150 meters away from the sea, providing easy access to all the beauties of Bodrum's unique shoreline. Located just a few steps away from shopping areas, restaurants offering local flavors, and essential places like bakeries that make life easier, this pansiyon offers all the advantages of being in a central and strategic location.

Spacious and Functional Spaces

Spanning a 99 square meter title deed area, this pansiyon offers its guests the natural beauties of Bodrum with its spacious and airy garden/bar area. Additionally, 12 rooms located on different floors each tell a separate story within the pansiyon. Each room, designed to meet the needs of guests, offers options of single or double beds and includes private bathrooms.

Accommodation Experience, Warm and Inviting

This pansiyon is well-known for being heavily preferred by its regular guests and families. Each room combines minimalist elegance with comfort, offering a peaceful accommodation experience with its bright, naturally lit atmosphere and functional living spaces. The art pieces and decorative items in each room create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Business Potential, High Returns and Prestige

This pansiyon for sale in the center of Bodrum attracts attention as an investment opportunity with high rental income potential. Being preferred by a regular clientele and families puts the business in an ideal position for a steady income flow. The garden/bar area has the potential to serve as a perfect venue for special events and social gatherings.

Perfect Investment Option, Pansiyon for Sale in Bodrum Center

This pansiyon for sale is not just an accommodation place but also a valuable investment opportunity in Bodrum center, a property that continues to appreciate in value. Ideal for those seeking the vibrant rhythm of city life and a peaceful living space, this pansiyon is equipped with all the comforts of modern life and surrounded by natural beauty, offering a unique living and business opportunity in the heart of Bodrum.

Bodrum Center Guide, A Jewel in the Heart of the Aegean

Bodrum Center, Where History Meets Modernity

Bodrum Center is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Aegean. Adorned with historical castles and ancient theaters, this area blends the dynamism of modern life with the elegance of history. Famous for its narrow streets, vibrant nightlife, and luxurious yacht marina, Bodrum Center welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

Transportation and Access, How to Reach Bodrum Center?

Access to Bodrum Center is quite straightforward. Regular shuttle services and taxi options are available from Milas-Bodrum Airport. Additionally, ferries and yachts arriving at various marinas and harbors enable sea access. Inner-city transportation is facilitated by minibuses and local bus routes.

Real Estate and Housing Options in Bodrum Center

Bodrum Center has a variety of real estate options. Housing ranges from luxurious villas by the sea to traditional stone houses. Attractive to both local and foreign investors, this area is noted for its high rental yields and increasing property values.

Quality of Life and Community, Life in Bodrum Center

Bodrum Center offers a high quality of life. It is full of cultural activities such as art galleries, museums, and live music venues. Additionally, various festivals and events bring the local community together and preserve the area's cultural richness.

The Future of Bodrum Center, Development and Investment Opportunities

Bodrum Center is an ever-evolving area, offering significant investment opportunities. New housing projects, tourism, and infrastructure developments are increasing the future value of the region. Ecological sustainability and the preservation of cultural heritage play an important role in this development.

Why Bodrum Center?

Bodrum Center stands out as a jewel in the heart of the Aegean, with its historical texture, modern lifestyle, easy accessibility, and various housing options.

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