Duplex for Sale in Guvercinlik - Walking Distance to Karia Port AVM, Easy Access to Restaurants and Shops

₺ 5.200.313


2 Rooms
1 Living Room
1 Bathrooms


Luxury duplex for sale in Guvercinlik! Close to the Bodrum-Milas road, with a nature view, pool, and spacious garden. Walking distance to Karia Port AVM, easy access to restaurants and shopping.

Listing Number1099
TypeVilla For Sale
Number of Rooms2
Number of Living Rooms1
Number of Bathrooms1
Number of floors2

Steel Doors
Nature View
Air Conditioner
Close to Centre
Private Garden
In Complex
Close to Public Transportation

Guvercinlik Duplex with Garden, Both a Summer Residence and Investment Opportunity

This duplex for sale in Guvercinlik offers the opportunity to spend your summer holidays in your own home instead of a hotel. With its reasonable price, it stands out as both a summer residence and an attractive investment option. Among the Guvercinlik villas for sale, this duplex presents a perfect opportunity.

Strategic Location and Easy Access

Located just 200 meters from the Bodrum-Milas highway, this site is notable for its proximity to both urban and intercity minibus routes. Guvercinlik villas and duplexes for sale provide easy access to major transportation points.

Site Amenities and Natural Scenery

With Sok Market right at the entrance, lush green garden areas, swimming pools for children and adults, common use areas, and ample parking facilities, this site enhances your quality of life. The duplex for sale stands out with its natural scenery, making it an ideal option for those looking for villas for sale in Güvercinlik.

Investment and Rental Income Potential

Located 25 minutes from the center of Bodrum, this duplex is suitable for investment and rental income. Guvercinlik villas and duplexes for sale are attracting attention with the increasing investment value of the region.

The Advantages Offered by Karia Port AVM

Located in Guvercinlik, between Bodrum and Milas, Karia Port AVM hosts a variety of prestigious brands, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, hardware stores, bank ATMs, pet shops, hairdressers, and tailors. It also features unique and interesting stores such as a chocolate museum, Siemens, Akarist, Turnkey Properties Real Estate, Sarev, Cops, Kokovan, English Home, Minteks, and Karaca Home. As the only shopping center in the area, this mall contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and ease of transportation. Its proximity is a major advantage for buyers of Guvercinlik villas and duplexes. 

Bodrum Guvercinlik Guide, Harmony of Nature and Tranquility

Guvercinlik General Description, Bodrum's Peaceful Corner

Guvercinlik, located in the northeast of the Bodrum Peninsula, is known for its tranquility and natural beauty. This peaceful area, surrounded by crystal-clear seas, green hills, and olive groves, is ideal for nature lovers and those seeking a serene holiday. Guvercinlik is also famous for its small fishing harbor and local delicacies.

Transportation and Access, How to Get to Guvercinlik?

Guvercinlik is approximately 20 kilometers away from Bodrum center and is easily accessible. Its proximity to Milas-Bodrum Airport makes it convenient for travelers, with taxi or car rental options available for transportation. Additionally, there are regular bus and minibus services from Bodrum center.

Housing and Real Estate Options in Guvercinlik

Guvercinlik offers a variety of housing options, from sea-view villas to traditional stone houses. This area is filled with choices for both holiday and permanent residences. Investors and real estate buyers show great interest in properties set amidst the area's natural beauty.

Quality of Life and Community, Life in Guvercinlik

Residents of Guvercinlik enjoy a peaceful life in harmony with nature. Local markets and small restaurants form the heart of the community life. The natural environment of Guvercinlik offers a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

The Future of Guvercinlik, Sustainable Tourism and Development

Guvercinlik is taking significant steps towards sustainable tourism and eco-friendly development. Investments that preserve the area's natural texture contribute to the local economy and create an attractive destination for tourists. This approach holds great potential to make Guvercinlik even more valuable in the future.

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