3+1 Lagoon Villa For Sale - Unique View & Exclusive Project!

₺ 17.500.000


3 Rooms
1 Living Room
2 Bathrooms


Adjacent to the Boğaziçi bird paradise, this special project spans a total of 60,000 m2. Lagoon Residence aims to bring a different dimension to your life with 128 residences, 5 detached villas, and a boutique stone hotel. Among Adabuku properties for sale, Lagoon Residence stands out with its facilities and unparalleled views. All residences are designed in a 2+1 plan, each hosting a unique view. Offered in two different types, these residences come in two variations: terrace floor and garden floor. With Lagoon Residence, you will experience the joy of acquiring your dream home in Bodrum.

Listing Number1030
TypeVilla For Sale
Number of Rooms3
Number of Living Rooms1
Number of Bathrooms2
Number of floors2

Close to Sea
Nature View
Ensuite Bathroom
Turkish Bath
Private Parking
Private Swimmingpool
In Complex
Citizenship By Investment
Swimming pool (Outdoor)
Swimming Pool (Indoor)

Add Color to Your Life with Lagoon Residence

Bodrum, Turkey, is known as one of the most prestigious holiday destinations. It stands out with its natural beauty, unique sea, and cultural richness. However, we would like to introduce you to an extraordinary project awaiting you in the Bodrum Adabuku region: Lagoon Residence.

Lagoon Residence in the Unique Location of Bodrum Adabuku

This exclusive project, adjacent to the Bosphorus bird sanctuary, is built on a total area of 60,000 m2. Lagoon Residence aims to bring a different dimension to your life with 128 Residence apartments, 5 detached villas, and a boutique stone hotel. Among the Adabuku properties for sale, Lagoon Residence stands out with its offerings and unique views.

2+1 Residence Apartments with Unique Views

All Residence apartments are in the 2+1 plan, each offering a unique view. These residences are offered in two different types: terrace floor and garden floor. You will experience the joy of owning your dream Bodrum home with Lagoon Residence.

Add Color to Your Life

With its extensive social and cultural amenities, Lagoon Residence offers more than just a housing project; it provides a living space that adds color to your life. An opportunity not to be missed for those who want to experience the perfect combination of nature and luxury in Bodrum Adabuku.

Services We Offer

Lagoon Bodrum not only offers a luxurious living space but also aims to provide you with top-notch services:

  • 24-hour security
  • Internal phone system within the site
  • Beach Shuttle Service
  • On-site Buggy Service
  • Generator
  • Water Tank
  • Cleaning Service
  • Technical Team

Lagoon Stone Boutique Hotel, An Authentic Experience in the Lap of Nature

Bodrum is known for its rich history and natural beauty. Located in the heart of this unique region in Adabuku, Lagoon Stone Boutique Hotel is a unique structure that reflects this heritage and the aesthetics of the region. Built with local stones specific to the area, this hotel blends Bodrum architecture to offer guests an authentic and luxurious accommodation experience.

Authentic Bodrum Architecture

The architecture of Lagoon Stone Boutique Hotel carries the simple and elegant lines of traditional Bodrum houses. Integrated with local architecture, the hotel seamlessly combines modern amenities with traditional details. Facades dominated by white, harmonized with shades of blue and the gray tones of natural stones, reflect the typical Aegean atmosphere.

Lagoon Stone Boutique Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers various exclusive amenities to its guests

  • Spa Center
  • Concierge Services
  • Turkish Bath
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Pool and Sunbathing Areas
  • 2 À La Carte Restaurants
  • Patisserie
  • Market


Renowned as a jewel of the Aegean Region and known for its proximity to one of Turkey's prime vacation destinations, Bodrum, Bogazici boasts an unparalleled location. The area is highly attractive to both local and international investors, thanks to its stunning sea views and tranquil nature. Dominated by a Mediterranean climate, it enjoys mild weather throughout the year.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Bogazici is rich in history and culture. The region stands out with its traditional Aegean architecture and local artworks. Regional festivals and cultural events convey the history and culture of Bogazici to visitors.

Accessibility and Transportation

Access to Bogazici is straightforward, thanks to its proximity to Bodrum. Bodrum-Milas Airport offers national and international connections, while road and sea transport options are also available. Additionally, the center of Bodrum and surrounding districts are easily accessible.

Natural Beauty and Environmental Features

Bogazici is famous for the clear waters of the Aegean Sea and its lush green spaces. The region is ideal for nature walks, water sports, and beach activities. Moreover, its natural resources and environmental beauty offer great potential for ecotourism and nature tourism.

Real Estate Market and Investment Potential

Bogazici is an extremely attractive area for real estate investments. Homes, villas, and holiday houses in the region stand out with their high quality of life and increasing investment value. Particularly appealing to foreign investors, Bogazici has a continuously rising property value. The area, with its high tourism potential, offers the possibility of high returns in both the short and long term.

Unique Haven for Flamingos, Tuzla Bird Paradise

Bogazici is particularly known for the Tuzla Bird Paradise, a sanctuary for flamingos and a variety of other bird species. The flamingos frequently visit the area due to the rich food sources found in its shallow and salty waters. Watching these elegant birds, in hues of pink and white, dance by the lake is a natural wonder.

Adabuku Location and Connection to Bogazici

Adabuku, located in Turkey's Aegean Region near Bogazici, is a holiday settlement known for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. This charming corner of Bogazici stands out for its proximity to Bodrum and its unique character.

Ease of Transportation and Access

Access to Adabuku is quite practical, thanks to its proximity to Bogazici. Easily reachable from Bodrum-Milas Airport, the area is also connected by various road options.

Natural Beauty and Environment

Adabuku is famous for its crystal-clear sea waters and green hills covered with olive trees. The region offers visitors a unique natural experience with nature walks, water sports, and serene beaches.

Investment Opportunities

Adabuku is one of the shining stars of the Bogazici area for real estate investors. Modern villas, stylish apartments, and holiday resorts stand out for their high quality of life and increasing investment value. The region is ideal for those looking for holiday homes and considering holiday investments.

The unique corners of Bodrum, Adabuku, draw attention with their natural beauty and peaceful living. Adabuku offers panoramic views of the turquoise sea, providing a life in harmony with nature. The homes in Adabuku, with their modern architecture and comfort, enhance the appeal of the region and create valuable opportunities for investors.

Adabuku and Bogazici Apartments For Sale, Two Faces of Modern Living

Adabuku and Bogazici host a variety of attractive apartments for those seeking modern and comfortable living. Apartments in both areas typically feature sea or nature views, spacious balconies, and lakeside locations. These apartments, also appealing to investors, promise high rental returns.

Villas For Sale, A Special Living Space in Adabuku and Bogazici

The villas for sale in Adabuku and Bogazici, with private pools, large gardens, and luxurious designs, await buyers. Villas in both areas offer an ideal living space for families and a valuable opportunity for investors. These villas, with views of the sea or nature, promise a peaceful and quiet life.

Residences For Sale, Elegance and Comfort in Adabuku and Bogazici

Adabuku and Bogazici are enriched with modern and stylish residences. These residences offer various amenities such as 24-hour security, fitness centers, spas, and communal areas. In both areas, the high rental income and increasing value make them an ideal choice for investors.

Sea and Nature View Options, The Dazzling Views of Adabuku and Bogazici

Homes for sale in Adabuku and Bogazici enchant visitors with their magnificent sea and nature views. Both areas offer a peaceful and tranquil environment, providing a life intertwined with nature. Especially the houses with sea views offer unforgettable moments with sunset views.

Investments in Adabuku and Bogazici

The real estate options in the Adabuku and Bogazici regions attract attention with their high investment value. The increasing popularity and touristic appeal of both areas continuously drive up property prices. This situation creates ideal conditions for both short and long-term investments.

A Unique Living Opportunity in Adabuku and Bogazici

Adabuku and Bogazici, two unique corners of Bodrum, are not only eye-catching holiday destinations but also offer valuable living spaces and investment opportunities. Equipped with all the amenities of modern life, these regions await you with sea and nature view apartments, specially designed villas, and comfortable residences to find your dream home.

The unique lifestyle offered by Adabuku and Bogazici is ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility as well as those wanting to make a smart investment. Acquiring property in these areas means not just owning a home, but also becoming a part of Bodrum's enchanting nature and rich cultural heritage.

With the unique natural beauty of Tuzla Bird Paradise on one side and the dynamic and colorful life of Bodrum on the other, Adabuku and Bogazici offer a perfect harmony for both holiday and living. Every investment made in these two regions promises not just financial gain but also an enhancement in quality of life and a unique experience.

Owning a home in Adabuku and Bogazici opens the door to turning your dream life into reality in this magnificent corner of the Aegean. Take your place in this special and valuable region, enjoy the appreciation of your investment, and the improvement of your quality of life.

Adabuku and Bogazici are waiting for you. Don't miss this unique opportunity and achieve your dream home in these unparalleled corners of Bodrum.

Why Invest in Adabuku Real Estate?

Adabuku, known for its pristine beaches and lush landscapes, is an ideal spot for those looking to invest in Turkish real estate. The area combines natural beauty with the convenience of modern amenities, making it a sought-after location for both local and international buyers.

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