2+1 Ground Floor Apartment for Sale in Dorttepe - Peaceful Living with Unique Lake View

₺ 4.500.000


2 Rooms
1 Living Room
1 Bathrooms


2+1 ground-floor apartment for sale in Dorttepe; featuring spacious living areas, a modern design, and a garden that offers direct views of the lake. This unique property is an excellent choice for both personal use and investment opportunities. Situated within Dorttepe's natural beauties, it is ideal for those seeking a peaceful and comfortable life.

Listing Number1227
TypeApartment For Sale
Number of Rooms2
Number of Living Rooms1
Number of Bathrooms1
Number of floors3
FloorGarden Floor

Steel Doors
Nature View
Lake View
Close to Centre
Car park
In Complex
Close to Public Transportation

Lake View 2+1 Ground Floor Apartment for Sale in Dorttepe, A Living and Investment Opportunity

Dorttepe is known for its natural beauty and peaceful living environment, making it a popular location. This area is especially favored for its lake-view homes and tranquil lifestyle. Here are the details of the lake view, ground-floor 2+1 apartment we are offering for sale in Dorttepe:

Unique Lake View

This special apartment stands out with its commanding view of Dorttepe's unique lake. Located on the ground floor, it offers direct access to the garden, doubling the outdoor living pleasure. Start your day by sipping coffee in your garden against the mesmerizing backdrop of the lake.

Comfort and Spaciousness

With an 86 square meter gross area, this apartment is tailor-made for those seeking a comfortable and spacious living environment in Dorttepe. Its well-organized interiors, modern and functional design offer maximum comfort and aesthetics. Also equipped with one bathroom, this apartment provides practical solutions to enhance your daily life.

Surrounded by Natural Beauty: Ground Floor Apartment

Being on the ground floor makes this apartment particularly appealing to nature lovers. Located within Dorttepe's natural flora and fauna, it promises a life intertwined with nature. Watching the green textures accompanying the lake view from your own garden is just one of the privileges this home offers.

High Investment Potential

This lake view 2+1 apartment in Dorttepe offers an excellent opportunity for both personal use and investment. The increasing popularity of the area and the advantages brought by its location ensure that the property's value will appreciate over time. Whether you consider it a living space or an investment tool, this apartment in Dorttepe meets your expectations with its quality features.

Bodrum Guvercinlik Guide, Harmony of Nature and Tranquility

Guvercinlik General Description, Bodrum's Peaceful Corner

Guvercinlik, located in the northeast of the Bodrum Peninsula, is known for its tranquility and natural beauty. This peaceful area, surrounded by crystal-clear seas, green hills, and olive groves, is ideal for nature lovers and those seeking a serene holiday. Guvercinlik is also famous for its small fishing harbor and local delicacies.

Transportation and Access, How to Get to Guvercinlik?

Guvercinlik is approximately 20 kilometers away from Bodrum center and is easily accessible. Its proximity to Milas-Bodrum Airport makes it convenient for travelers, with taxi or car rental options available for transportation. Additionally, there are regular bus and minibus services from Bodrum center.

Housing and Real Estate Options in Guvercinlik

Guvercinlik offers a variety of housing options, from sea-view villas to traditional stone houses. This area is filled with choices for both holiday and permanent residences. Investors and real estate buyers show great interest in properties set amidst the area's natural beauty.

Quality of Life and Community, Life in Guvercinlik

Residents of Guvercinlik enjoy a peaceful life in harmony with nature. Local markets and small restaurants form the heart of the community life. The natural environment of Guvercinlik offers a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

The Future of Guvercinlik, Sustainable Tourism and Development

Guvercinlik is taking significant steps towards sustainable tourism and eco-friendly development. Investments that preserve the area's natural texture contribute to the local economy and create an attractive destination for tourists. This approach holds great potential to make Guvercinlik even more valuable in the future.

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