2+1 Apartment for Sale in Kadikalesi, Walking Distance to the Sea

₺ 5.800.000


2 Rooms
1 Living Room
1 Bathrooms


In your search for an apartment for sale in Kadikalesi, find modern and comfortable living spaces neighboring the tranquil waters of the Aegean. Nestled within the enchanting natural beauty of the Bodrum Peninsula and surrounded by historical richness, our apartments for sale stand out with their sea views, extensive green areas, and rich social amenities. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday or a permanent home close to the sea in Kadikalesi, explore these unique apartment options for sale.

Listing Number1187
TypeApartment For Sale
Number of Rooms2
Number of Living Rooms1
Number of Bathrooms1
Number of floors2

Steel Doors
Close to Sea
Nature View
In Complex
Close to Public Transportation

Kadikalesi, The Hidden Paradise of the Aegean

The History and Natural Beauty of Kadikalesi

Kadikalesi is a coastal town located in the Aegean Region of Turkey, on the northwest of the Bodrum Peninsula. This unique place, filled with rich historical heritage from ancient times, is known for its crystal-clear sea and peaceful atmosphere, making its beaches stand out. Kadikalesi is a perfect location for those looking for an apartment for sale near the sea.

The Meeting Point of Modern Life and Comfort

Apartment for Sale in Kadikalesi: Kadikalesi stands out with living spaces that respect the natural and historical texture while offering modern life comforts. In particular, the 2+1 apartment with one bathroom, boasting magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, offers a unique opportunity for those seeking comfort and peace together. This apartment, with its wide green areas and offered social amenities, meets all the requirements of modern living.

Ease of Transportation and Social Amenities

The town is surrounded by minibus and bus lines that provide easy access to the center of Bodrum and other touristic areas of the peninsula. Furthermore, events and festivals organized in the area enhance the vibrant social life of Kadikalesi and offer visitors unforgettable moments. This vibrancy is an additional attraction point for those looking for an apartment for sale in Kadikalesi.

The Ideal Choice for a Peaceful Holiday

Apartment for Sale in Kadikalesi: For those looking to spend a peaceful holiday away from the stressful city life, Kadikalesi is an ideal option. Swimming in the cool waters of the Aegean, relaxing under the sun, and enjoying the delicious Aegean cuisine are privileges offered by owning an apartment here. An apartment for sale near the sea is perfect for those who want to experience this unique experience at all times.

The Address of Peace and Beauty, Kadikalesi – Apartment for Sale

As a perfect escape for everyone seeking peace and beauty, where history and nature intertwine, Kadikalesi promises an unforgettable holiday experience. If you too want to secure a place in this unique town, consider the option of an apartment for sale in Kadikalesi. Owning an apartment in this unique location offers the opportunity to experience the tranquility and beauty of the Aegean at every moment.

Bodrum Gumusluk Guide, The Meeting Point of Tranquility and Art

Gumusluk General Description, Bodrum's Serene Paradise

Gumusluk, located at the western end of the Bodrum Peninsula, is renowned for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. This former fishing village stands out with its historical ruins, long beaches, and crystal-clear sea. Gumusluk offers cultural richness with its art galleries, handicraft workshops, and organic markets.

Transportation and Access, How to Get to Gumusluk?

Gumusluk is about 20 kilometers away from the center of Bodrum and is easily accessible by road. Regular minibus services and taxi options are available to the area. Access from Milas-Bodrum Airport can be facilitated through car rentals or transfer services.

Housing and Real Estate Options in Gumusluk

Gumusluk offers a wide range of housing options, from traditional Bodrum houses to modern villas. These residences, located along the coast and in the inner parts, are suitable for both permanent living and holiday purposes. The real estate market in the area offers attractive opportunities, especially for those who want to live in harmony with nature.

Quality of Life and Community, Life in Gumusluk

Gumusluk provides a calm and peaceful lifestyle. Residents and visitors find a tranquil environment amidst natural beauty. Art events, concerts, and festivals organized throughout the year strengthen the sense of community and keep the region culturally vibrant.

The Future of Gumusluk, Sustainable Tourism and Development

Gumusluk has a growing awareness of serene tourism and the preservation of natural life. The region is investing in the future with sustainable tourism projects and environmentally friendly development plans. This approach not only preserves the area's natural beauty but also contributes to the local economy.

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